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Python Training Institute in Lucknow

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About Python Training Institute

ScimoX provides best industry-relevant content with systematic delivery on the most popular programming language PYTHON. Python is powerful, easy to learn and a flexible tool for coding. We provide Top faculty with real-time experience in the industry. Python is a very important programming language for Data Science and Machine Learning. So Scimox offers you a deep and advances Python course that helps you in placement and in future career growth.

Python Course Objective

The learning objectives of python course in ScimoX :
1.Internalize the concepts & constructs of Python
2.Learn to create your own Python programs
3.Master In Python Basic & Advanced Project
4.Master in Jupyter & Pycharm IDLE
3. How to use Matpoltlib,Numpy,Pandas,Tkinter.
4.Create easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain modules and packages
5.100% Interview Guarantee
6.After Placement Career Mentoring

Python Basic and Advance Syllabus

Python language introduction, Python 3 basics, Keywords in Python, Namespaces and Scope in Python, Structuring Python Programs, Decision making

Taking input in Python, Vulnerability in input() function, Python | end parameter in print(), Python | sep parameter in print()

Data Types
Introduction to DataTypes, Strings, List, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary,

Variables, expression condition and function Maximum possible value of an integer in python, Global and local variables in python Packing and unpacking arguments in python, End parameter in Python

Control Flow
Loops, Loops and Control Statements (continue, break and pass) in Python, Looping technique in python, range vs xrange on python, Programs for printing pyramid technique in python Chaining comparison in python, else with for switch function, Using iteration in python effectively Iterators in Python, Iterators function in python Iterators function Python __iter__() and __next__() | Converting an object into an iterator

Modules and Packages:
Modules, Importing module, Standard Module – sys, Standard Module – OS ,The dir Function, Package Exercise

Exception Handling:
Errors, Run Time Errors, Handling IO Exceptions, Try.... except statement, Raise, Assert, Exercise

Files and Directories: Introduction, Writing Data to a File, Reading Data From a File, Additional File Methods, Working with files, Working with Directories, The pickle Module, Exercise

Classes Objects:
Introduction classes and objects, Creating Classes, Instance Methods, Special class method, Inheritance, Method overriding, Data handling Exercise

Getting started with pandas
Data Frame Basics, Key Operations on Data Frames. function, Matplotlib

Plotting for exploratory data analysis (EDA)
Data-point, vector, observation, Input variables/features/dimensions/independent variable , Output Variable/Class Label/ Response Label/ ,Scatter-plot: 2D, 3D.

Advance Library:
Multi threading ,Thread, Starting a thread , Threading module, array, numpy, Tkinter programming Tkinter widget

Fee Structure & Course Duration

• Course :- Python Basic and Advance
• Level: Master Certification
• Batch: Weekends, Weekdays
• Format: Class Room Training
• Course Fee :- Rs.10500 /-
• Course Duration : 30 Day
• Training Location:Hazaratnagar Branch, Lucknow

Contact Person

HR Counsellor

Benefits of Scimox Training Institute

1.45 days Month Python Basic and Advance Course
2.Syllabus Made by As Per Company Job Description
3.Resume Modification As Per Company Norm.
4.Working on Live Project Training Module
5.Hands on 10 +Project
6.1 Year Membership.
7.100% Interview Guarantee
8.After Placement Career Mentoring

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